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The traditional jiu jitsu kimono is worn in Gi classes. Don't worry if you don't own one, you can rent one on arrival.

Beginners are welcome in all Gi classes


In No Gi classes, rashguards and shorts are typically worn. If you don't have any, gym attire is fine (preferably without pockets)

Beginners are welcome in all No Gi classes.


In Fundamentals classes, basic principles and concepts are taught. These classes are aimed at those with 6-12 months or less experience.


A great class for those looking to build a basic understanding of BJJ.


Every Tuesday night, leglock class will focus on themes around leg attacks and defence. Essential for those looking to become a high level no gi grappler.

All levels welcome, however not typically recommended for beginners.

5-7 yr olds

Jiu Jitsu class for 5-7 year olds where the focus will be on showing them what Jiu Jitsu is about, as well as introducing basic movements and techniques.

Classes will be 45 minute videos.

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8+ yr olds

Jiu Jitsu classes for children 8 years and older. Classes will focus on demonstrating basic principles of jiu jitsu, working towards full sparring and potentially competition.

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Open mat

Looking for more rolls? Come down for Open Mat. 

Everyone welcome. Open Mat will count as a session.

All levels welcome.


Join our wrestling class to improve your stand up skills. Wrestling classes are taken by Coach Masoud, who will showcase and teach world class Freestyle wrestling techniques.

All levels welcome.

Book a class

Want to book a class? Click "Book" in the schedule above. You'll then need to fill in some quick details and choose to either pay now or in person before your lesson. 


If you're already a Tempo member, click link below to access the booking system.

Please register before coming to a session!


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